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In addition either questions or statements and observations which you have may be used as the basis for either Steven or his colleagues as well as other contributors here online in their blogs or podcasts to share with others (we respect your anonimity and unless otherwise instructed we will not refer to you by name or profession unless we have your expressed permission to do so).

| Audio Blog by Steven Warren | After the publication of the second edition of Steven's popular book Life's Meaning for Today an audio blog was created in July 2012. The blog includes reocrdings by Steven and also an increasing number of interview's with people working with The D C Effect in their life.

| Podcasts D C Effect | A series of podcasts produced by Steven Warren Publishing and soon in association with T E D

Please make contact if there are any points you would like to expand upon or questions to explore and answer. You can email Steven directly or post on our discussion group (we respect your privacy and either Steven or the team will discuss including your email or discussion content in one of the Blogs or Podcasts.


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