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About Dynamic Cognition and Its Creator Steven Warren

The philosophy of Dynamic Cognition was created by Steven Warren in 2001 as he brought both his professional experience of working for over thirty years in the areas of terminal care, loss and transition to his personal experiences to provide a foundation for him to take the professional experiences and begin to mould them into a day to day understanding of core energy expression as we discover meaning and the interconnectedness of our lives with the lives of others.

In over ten years since 2001 Steven has worked with people in a variety of roles to help them incorporate The DC Effect into their day to day lives by recognising how the key elements of his philosophy operate in their lives at many levels.

Steven Warren

Steven Warren who is author of Dynamic Cognition which he created as a philosophy of personal reflection in 2001 contributes to this specialist website along with current and future colleagues who have adopted or recognised all or elements of his philosophy in both their work and personal as well as professional experience.

Steven's background is in the caring profession and in 1981, after graduating in neuropsychology and neurophysiology he went on study psychotherapy and counselling. He worked from 1981 until 1988 in the British National Health Service (NHS) as a clinical practitioner, manager and university lecturer.

In 1988 he left the NHS to establish his private practice in counselling, psychotherapy and media consultancy work. His specialist areas focusing on terminal care, loss and transition. In 1998 Steven became an International Training Consultant and lectured in over thirty countries before creating his own international medical marketing company in 2005.

He was chairman and technical director from 2005 until 2012 when he decided to devote his working focus to writing and lecturing. Steven is an established author and is based in Central London from where he works internationally.

Here you can view a sample and then purchase my latest book 'Life's Meaning for Today'.

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